Beyond Glass – Mid-Century Sash Window Decorating Ideas


Do you have a mid-century home but struggle to find modern ideas for decorating your sash windows? With more people opting for Scandinavian interior design, mid-century has been somewhat forgotten. However, there are plenty of ways to add charm and character to classic-style sash windows.

From paint techniques to window coverings and design elements, here are some fun and creative decorating ideas that will help you achieve the perfect mid-century look in any room!

Paint Technique

Add texture, warmth, and interest by trying various painting techniques on your sash window frames. For example, try ‘Dry Brushing’—applying diluted paint with an old dry brush that lightly ruffles the surface of a wooden frame or metal detail parts around each glass pane—or using a sea sponge dipped in paint for subtle tones with interesting speckled effects.

Window Coverings

Upgrade your existing curtains, drapes or shutters with something more contemporary such as textured blinds or geometric patterned sheers that give glimpses of bright sunlit interiors pairing against darker solid fabrics as accents yet keep privacy intact. Choose warm natural tones such as green, mustard yellow or deep blues along with suede cords and opaques rotan blinds—stay away from glitzier materials like metallic jacquard textures, which can seem outdated when it comes to mid-century styling.

Interior Elements & Hardware

Mid-Century décor embraces minimalism, including furniture pieces; be sure not to forget details! For example, replace current pull handles with character-filled traditional, modern ones like simple rod-shaped brass knobs combined with earthy linseed oil wheeled casement stays give great functional definition throughout both indoor exterior hardware designs, adding modern touches every onlooker notices!

Plus, essentials closeup just having a few brass post knife latches give stylish functionality when only moments require special note attention matters most (opening ingress egress easier).

Plant Life

Bring Nature Inside by incorporating lush greenery into focal points surrounding window treatments en masse layers and sort happy plants peeking through leaves, sometimes blocking the view outside while giving a calming effect inside the room (keeping the temperature warmer and breezy). Consider combining floral urns, hanging terrariums and mini rock gardens on top of window ledges to round out interior décor styled environments.

Overall, there are countless creative ways to use mid-century design elements to create a unique and modern look for your sash windows. With the right combination of paint techniques, window coverings and interior elements like plant life and hardware, you can give any room an updated vintage style that will stand the test of time!

The Benefits of Working with Super Sash Windows

At Super Sash Windows, we specialize in creating stylish mid-century designs that are sure to enhance the look of your home. Our expert technicians carefully craft sashes and frames to meet any style need—from traditional wooden to contemporary metal ones. Not only do we use modern technology and materials to ensure a high-quality product, but we also stay up-to-date on building regulations related to windows to adhere strictly to those laws when developing our frames and sashes for homeowners. In addition, our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, which is why customers trust us with their unique design needs!

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