Glazing Solutions For Period Properties


Regarding period properties, glazing solutions can be one of the trickiest aspects. After all, you want to uphold the character of an old home with modern windows and doors! But with a bit of creative thinking, many options combine authentic style with modern comfort.

Traditional sash windows remain one of the most popular glazing solutions for period properties. However, your existing frames are in good condition and structurally sound. In that case, they can often be repaired or refurbished rather than replaced – allowing you to retain their charm while benefitting from double-glazed insulation.

Alternatively, traditional box frames can be swapped out for new sash units that replicate their original design mechanics in every detail but offer better protection against draughts and sound pollution.

Folding sliding doors make another attractive solution for period houses; whether you opt for wooden frames or aluminium ones (with a wood finish!), they’ll provide an eye-catching step up from traditional French or patio doors – mainly when used as part of an alpine bi-folding system stretching across several rooms like conservatories and kitchen extensions.

You could even find yourself banished to bifold corridors ensuring a smooth journey between different parts of your house without compromising privacy or energy efficiency!

Of course, alternatives such as casement windows and bay windows also offer classic styling perfect for period properties – making them great warmth and airtightness – in beautiful texture and feeling at reasonable prices too!

Benefits of Installing Glazing Solutions

The installation of glazing solutions offers countless benefits to households. Firstly, most of these upgrade options – such as double-glazed window panes and doors – improve heat retention within the home for a cosier living environment – throughout winter months! In addition, new sliding door systems also provide improved levels of sound insulation, filling your rooms with peace and avoiding unwanted noise from outside passers-by or busy streets.

Moreover, many glazing solutions come with automatic locks and security fixtures engineered to minimise intrusion attempts from burglars and criminals. If you decide to go for metal frames, you can choose just how much sun exposure each room receives, controlling light levels effortlessly via simple motorised blinds or outdoor awnings that retract at the touch of a button! Furthermore – adding curtains or shutters fitted directly into sashes could create a unique look in no time, plus practicality in spades (read: privacy when required/light control).

Finally, switching up your windows improves curb appeal significantly; remember we mentioned casement windows? They offer more classic elegance than traditional box frames thanks to their curved panes – not to mention the incredible views they deliver whenever opened up! This is excellent news if you want buyers swooning over properties’ aesthetics before they’ve stepped through them!

Maintenance Tips for your New Glazing

Caring for your new glazing solutions is essential if you want them to retain their beautiful appearance and function optimally for years to come. To this end, basic cleaning techniques are all you need – mostly brushing away cobwebs and wiping away surface dirt using a proper cloth duster or feather brush.

You should also check the screws holding your windows in place now and then, making sure they’re tight enough to provide a seal between frames and glass to prevent draughts from sneaking into your home (heat can escape just as quickly during summer months). Finally, as part of regular upkeep routines, apply silicone spray onto moving features like mechanical hinges; it will help reduce friction so that opening windows becomes easier!

Last but not least, allowing more minor benefits (or trickier needs) never hurts either: lubricating locks with graphite powder or other materials during freezing winter nights helps tackle potential ice-jamming issues when trying to operate lock handles from the inside.

Top 5 Ranges Suitable for Period Properties

Timber Sash Windows

With their charming traditional aesthetics, timber sash windows are a fitting glazing solution for period properties; indeed – they can help your house look like it just stepped out of the pages of a Victorian novel. Plus, you can choose from various designs with double-glazed units to ensure improved thermal efficiency and protection against draughts.

Alidade Heritage

This range comes in an acrylic-wrapped woodgrain finish to get the classic look together with modern convenience! You’ll enjoy brighter interiors due to their natural daylight transmittance and take advantage of additional security features such as hook locks and night venting options.

Casement Windows

These multi-faceted upgrades come in a stunning range of grained finishes, allowing you to revamp existing facades while also benefitting from increased energy retention throughout every season! Add all this up, plus excellent sustainability ratings meaning low maintenance requirements. Now that’s an offer hard to refuse…

Super Sash Windows Timber Heritage Range

Those seeking something modern for a period property look at our Super Sash Windows heritage ranges. You get slim profile frames plus fantastic thermal efficiency levels due to their thermal bridging technology and weather-resistant coating, which protects against oxidation, ensuring your windows stay strong and look good even in harsh climates!

Selecting the Perfect Style and Design

Finally, take the time to explore your options and view as many different ranges and styles as possible until you find one suited for your property. Try to keep all essentials in mind, such as energy efficiency ratings, security features, and ventilation solutions and match them with materials you love – like UPVC or wooden window frames – so that when installation day rolls around, your new glazing will look perfect against the period faΓ§ade of your home.

Working With Different Materials For Different Results

Most period homes feature sash, casement and box-style windows. Choosing the suitable material for each window type is essential to ensure your installation meets design and efficiency requirements.

For example, uPVC is an excellent option for sash windows. It can last five times longer than traditional materials when maintained properly while improving security and privacy levels with the double-glazing technology. Casement Windows should go hand in hand with aluminium frames as they are solid and come available in various colours; meanwhile, wooden frame windows – like box styles – are perfect for heritage properties looking for an authentic aesthetic without compromising on energy performance ratings or added features friendly to budgeting!

Energy Efficiency Matters in Period Properties

It’s critical to ensure that period glazing achieves the highest possible energy efficiency ratings when upgrading your home windows. Without compromising the property’s design and style, choose frames with an excellent U-value rating, i.e., one below 1.6W/m2K – as this will help keep heat in your home and reduce bills year-round!

Modern upgrades also come with Low-E coatings, which provide an extra layer of insulation from outside temperatures, helping conserve additional energy before leaving your home through neglected draughts or air gaps around window frames. So make sure you include these technologies within your new glazing project for future sustainability and long-term cost savings!

Ways to Keep Warm During Winter Months

When planning a glazing project for your period property, you should consider ways to keep warm during the cold winter. For example, install internal shutters or thick curtains in addition to your new windows and ensure they’re well-sealed to prevent any drafts from entering the building. If this isn’t enough, opt for double or even triple-glazed units, which will further mitigate heat loss and improve thermal efficiency levels even more!

Enhance Curb Appeal with an Elegant Glass Feature

There’s no better way to give your old building exterior a touch of splendour than with a glazing feature! Take our Georgian bars, for example – these designs simulate the traditional six-over-six divider configuration but are made from modern materials for improved energy efficiency and weatherproofing.

You could also go further by experimenting with different window configurations like bow or bay windows which extend outwardly to create more space for natural light as well as being great spots to sit down and catch up on some reading time or opt for stained glass detailing that adds character whilst protecting against unsightly UV rays and heat build-up during summer days.

In conclusion, sash windows provide the perfect frame to showcase period properties. They capture yesteryear’s elegance combined with modern energy efficiency and additional features that allow homeowners to tailor each project as they, please. So to ensure your property is bestowed with lasting beauty, continued comfort and enduring performance for years to come – explore our range today and give us a call as soon as you’re ready! With over 100 vans going out daily, we guarantee quick installation times on all projects worth less than Β£10k!

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