How to Soundproof Your Sash Windows


Soundproofing your Windows made Easy

At Super Sash Windows, we know that noise pollution is one of the most vexing problems that homeowners face. That’s why our team has put together a guide on how you can soundproof your sash windows. In this blog post, we’ll go through the necessary materials and steps needed to effectively deaden external sounds without sacrificing visual appeal or discomfort inside the home. Our goal is simple: to make soundproofing your windows easy and cost-effective so you don’t have to live with loud noises any longer!

So let’s get started!

How to Soundproof Your Sash Windows

At Super Sash Windows, we provide quality products for homeowners looking to improve the soundproofing of their sash windows. Our experienced team has a combined experience of over 15 years in installing and repairing heritage-style sash windows. We have worked with various window sizes and designs throughout that time. We are dedicated to ensuring your new or existing windows look as good from the outside as they do on the inside while remaining soundproofed- saving you stress, noise pollution and money!

The Steps Involved

Firstly, you will need to assess the condition of your current window frames before any work is done; no matter if you plan to replace them or want to seal gaps between them-you must make sure they are structurally secure. Further steps involved in improving the sound barrier include adding medium-density fibreboard [MDF] or acoustic board battens around each frame, followed by foam or rubber weatherstrips around sides and tops – helping create an effective airtight seal. Noise-filtering glass is recommendable for double-glazed sash windows, providing an added layer of insulation from outside noises. To ensure these improvements last longer, it is recommended that our experienced team help out in capturing details about historic features such as fitments [hinges] so any additional rubbers used can be pressed into place to maintain aesthetic beauty inside historical buildings that qualify for protection under planning regulations (such as Grade II listed Buildings).

Follow along with this blog post for detailed instructions on how best to prepare your sash windows for fitting without compromising safety/security aspects found on traditional period properties; rest assured that we at Super Sash Windows use 100% authentic ironmongery parts on all replacement orders and always aim towards best industry practices no matter the scope project!

Why Soundproofing Your Windows is Important

Soundproofing is an essential aspect of any home. It contributes to better sleep, reduces stress levels, and maintains peace and tranquillity inside the home – allowing you to enjoy your living space without feeling disturbed or bothered by outside noises.

We take extra care in considering diverse factors when soundproofing sash windows: determining which materials best suit each property type, assessing safety/security regulations based on building age and heritage status, as well as door types [i.e. sliding or upright] and all related hardware components- nothing is overlooked during our professional consultations!

Taking such steps for your windows not only improves insulation but prevents noise from entering the home through gaps between window frames and doors- ensuring maximum enjoyment of your dwelling environment!

In conclusion, soundproofing your windows can really make a difference in the overall quality of your home. Whether you’re looking to prevent overbearing outside noise for a better night’s sleep or don’t want to be surprised by construction work around town- this easy process ensures maximum success without sacrificing aesthetic precision!

At Super Sash Windows, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality sash window maintenance and repair services. If you want help with soundproofing your windows from an experienced team of experts, please call us today on 01214 051 496. We offer specialist sash window renovation and repair services, so give us a call whenever it suits you best; our helpful customer service representatives are ready to answer any queries or concerns you may have!

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