Introduction to FENSA and Building Regulations For Your Sash Windows


As a proud family-owned business, Super Sash Windows has been providing customers with quality sashes since 1999. Our team of specialists is dedicated to helping our clients find the best solutions to all their window needs while making sure they comply with building regulations.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss two essential regulations you need to consider when planning your window project: FENSA (the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) and general building regulation requirements in the UK. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have developed a thorough understanding of both standards and how this knowledge can benefit your window fitting plans. Let’s get started!

What Is FENSA?

FENSA is a substantial governmental body that certifies window and door installations. Registering with the scheme ensures that all the products installed in your sash windows meet approved Building Regulations. When a certified installer works on your project, they have already shown that their work complies with FENSA’s stringent safety and energy-efficient building practices regulations.

At Super Sash Windows, choosing a FENSA-certified installer such as ourselves will give you peace of mind and allow you to pursue your desired upgrade or installation project confidently. Plus, because we guarantee compliance with local planning rulings, our installations can be carried out quickly while ensuring quality results every time!

When it comes to heritage projects, however – more extensive scale renovations involving listed buildings or other historically significant abodes – there may be additional requirements beyond what FENSA typically enforces. In such cases, it might be wise to seek guidance from heritage experts who understand using materials which adhere to regulations while preserving character within historical settings.

Invest in your home with FENSA approved sash window experts

This specialist knowledge is often essential to achieve successful results without compromising preservation laws regarding one’s property or area of renovation interest. Our team at Super Sash Windows has worked closely alongside several excellent specialists within this profession. So we are well placed to provide recommendations should anyone need such expertise during their window of reasonable endeavours!

We hope this introduction to FENSA and Building Regulations for your sash windows has given you a greater understanding of the standards our industry works by. We understand that renovating or installing new sashes can be intimidating. Still, with Super Sash Windows’s help, you can trust that your project is being handled in compliance with all relevant regulations.

At Super Sash Windows, we strive to provide excellence in all the services we offer – from repairs and replacements to unique custom builds – that’s why our team is comprised of experienced professionals who know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently while meeting all required building regulations. So if you are considering any changes, installation or maintenance work on any aspect of your window frames, look no further than us! With over 100 vans going out every day across London and the South East area of England, there’s bound to be one near enough, if not on its way right now! For you to obtain further information about other topics related to this field, please visit our blog section as well.

Thanks again for reading; until next time, happy renovating!

Gregg Richards

Gregg Richards

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