Maintaining and Re-painting Exterior Sash Windows


Sash windows are a beautiful addition to any home, offering historic charm and modern elegance. However, at Super Sash Windows, we understand that the sashes need continuous care – from regular maintenance to re-painting – to keep them in pristine condition.

In this blog post, we’ll look at tips for maintaining and re-painting exterior sash windows so you can ensure they stay in tip-top shape.

Maintaining Your Sashes

Regularly cleaning your sashes is the best way to maintain them correctly over time. This includes regularly wiping down the window frames with warm soapy water and lubricating mechanisms every few months. It’s also recommended that you seal off any gaps between window frames using caulk or similar materials like putty or silicone sealant as needed.

Repainting Your Sashes

Eventually, it may be necessary to re-paint your sashes if they become discoloured due to wear and tear or weathering over time. Preparing for painting is one of the most critical steps when protecting against wood rot β€” wires should be draped across boxes gently as supported scaffolding may cause too much pressure on weakened frames – it only takes a few minutes. Still, it will ensure the paint job lasts longer than usual! Before you begin painting, apply a primer coat followed by an even layer of oil-based paints. These tend to have better durability since their higher viscosity creates smoother finishes when dry compared to other types of paints, such as acrylics.

Super Sash Windows has you covered regarding sash window installation, restoration and repair. Our team of highly-trained and professional sash window installers have years of experience in the industry. They know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that your windows remain beautiful and functional and meet all building regulations and standards. So whether you’re looking for a complete renovation or structural repairs, you can count on us to get the job done right!

Quality Materials Matter

Super Sash Windows uses only the highest quality materials, such as hardwood or engineered softwood, when manufacturing bespoke sashes. Hardwoods are more durable over time, offering excellent protection against weathering, while softwoods are less expensive but require regular maintenance-repainting more often than other types of timber.

Our experienced artisans take into account proper architectural design principles when creating custom frames- this includes paying attention to detail, minimising wear and tear, keep them functioning well for many years to come so that our customers always receive the best value for their money!

Your Home is An Investment – Insuring Its Protection with Professional Care

When it comes to maintaining and re-painting exterior sash windows, choosing an experienced sash window installer is critical.

Our Super Sash Window experts will ensure your windows stay in top condition while protecting your home from any risk of rot damage caused by neglect and age deterioration over time! All our services adhere strictly to HSE guidelines. In addition, UK heritage preservation regulations ensure continuity throughout both artistry materials used, ultimately saving costs in the long run.

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Gregg Richards

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