The Science of Dressing Sash Windows – From Shutters To Shutters


Sash windows have been around for centuries, but their appearance, design and construction have changed drastically over the years. In the past, these windows were built with heavy wooden shutters that provided insulation and privacy for a room. Today, sash windows are commonly dressed with modern window coverings such as curtains or blinds. But what effect do these treatments have on your home’s energy efficiency?

In today’s energy-conscious world, many homeowners are looking to save money on their utility bills while still maintaining comfort levels in their homes. This is why dressing sash windows can be vital to improving the overall energy performance of a home by reducing air leakage, controlling temperature fluctuations and promoting natural ventilation when necessary.


Curtains are one of the most popular window dressings. They add style to any space while providing insulation benefits due to extra fabric layers between the window glass and room interiors. The panels may also be used together with thermal backing or lining, which provides superior protection against heat gain in summer months and prevents heat loss during cooler winter periods.

When considering curtains for sash windows, consider measurements (length from base rail up) and which type of curtain rod best suits the depth of your window sill depths & height restrictions. To complement curtains further, you may want to use tiebacks/ holdbacks if desired – this allows more natural light to flow into your spaces & also keeps fabrics away from high-traffic areas near doors or furniture pieces/cupboards etc., so fabrics won’t get dirty too!


Shutters come in all shapes and sizes, colours and materials, making them an excellent choice for various styles, including traditional heritage designs through contemporary minimalism! These provide excellent insulation properties coupled with sleek lines, plus they allow complete control over the light entering interior spaces, so perfect for those bright sunny days when direct glare needs relaxing – it will ensure indoor temperatures remain relatively stable throughout hot Summer rays that could make lives rather uncomfortable if exposed directly into rooms!

With solid frames & materials like MDF (medium density fibreboard) louvres slats frequently laid horizontally across frame width, tilting being manually stopped at various angles means they too can protect against dust pollution reaching indoors, which again adds some health benefits into the equation alongside practicality gained from allowing just specific amounts selected views outside…

It’s worth noting that shutters generally don’t offer privacy. In contrast, blackout roller blinds behind fabric pelmets especially shield off a higher amount of stubborn intrusion problems resulting from prying eyes; weigh specific requirements before making decisions about what works best!!

Although window treatments offer many advantages, selecting the right option for your home is essential. Consider which material, style and design will benefit your particular situation or needs. Whether you choose curtains, shutters or another option such as blinds with various slat and cord options – the main point is to ensure whatever you decide on gives purpose-built functionality coupled with suitable decoration & design aesthetics, making sash windows both energy efficient AND aesthetically pleasing!

Why Choose Super Sash Windows?

Super Sash Windows are the leading purveyor of quality sash window solutions in The UK. With 30 years of experience, we understand the nuances and intricacies of dressing sash windows by

Architectural Heritage

As sash window experts, we understand the primacy of maintaining a building’s architectural heritage. We understand that dressing sash windows require both knowledge and skill, as historical regulations must be adhered to to ensure preservation. Super Sash Windows is regulated by Historic England and has relationships with many local councils concerning proper protocol for utility bill savings through insulation methods using sash window treatments.

Insulated Shutters

Super Sash Windows provide insulated shutters to fulfil all your energy efficiency needs regardless of what kind of structure you live in – period home or modern abode. Our highly skilled team will survey your building, measure up and install specialised materials and mechanisms that deliver optimum thermal performance galore! Furthermore, Super Sash Windows is highly conscious of airtight sealants since they are integral to draught-proofing. If necessary, we create vents to regulate just the right amount of ventilation required, all whilst still preventing unwanted heat loss resulting in entry-level thermals profits!

Variety Of Materials To Choose From

Whether it’s wood or UPVC, you desire… Super Sash has got it covered! Offering an extensive range of different types of materials to choose from which best fit desired look & feel of room interior decor preferences & whatever functionality need get the job done in a hassle-free manner, i.e. acoustic control/light or privacy requirements can tailor package specifics add personal flair & individuality stand out even further!

It doesn’t stop there either- Alongside coming colours, whisper grey white provided standard (wide oak selection other shades option upgrade packages) even easier stick individual theme roll throughout premises achieving unified layered representation overall upgrades goal making process client shopping experience most fun stressfree find ever along way exceeding expectations results!

Dressing your sash windows can help improve the overall energy efficiency of your home by reducing air leakage, controlling temperature fluctuations and promoting natural ventilation when necessary. Different window dressings offer unique benefits, and providers such as Super Sash Windows have a large selection for homeowners. No matter what style you prefer, you will indeed find something that looks beautiful and boosts the comfortable temperature throughout your home. From curtains to shutters, there is something that will suit everyone’s needs and budget.

If you require sash window repair or renovation work, look no further than Super Sash Windows! With over 100 vans going out daily, we will help ensure that your windows meet the highest quality standards so that you enjoy Comfort & Style in Equal Measure coming into any room! Visit our website for more information about the types of services we offer or give us a call today if you want advice on how best to dress up your sash windows.

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