The Ultimate Guide to Repairing or Replacing Your Sash Windows


Discover the Secrets of Making Smart Decisions for Your Home’s Window System

Do you find yourself considering whether to repair or replace your sash windows? Are you trying to make an intelligent decision to maintain and enhance the look, energy efficiency, and performance of your home’s window system?
Whatever brings you closer to understanding how best to care for your beloved home, rest assured that our experts here at Super Sash Windows can help.

This article will guide you in choosing between repairs or replacements and all the pros and cons each option includes.

Benefit From the Experience and Care of Super Sash Windows

At Super Sash Windows, our specialist team are highly experienced in providing professional sash window services – from repair to complete installation. Whether to repair or replace your windows involves more than just a few simple decisions regarding maintaining your home’s appearance and character, especially for sash windows that are part of an older home or require adherence to heritage laws.

Our experts use their skills and knowledge, combined with decades of experience caring for all kinds of historic windows, guaranteeing the best possible results whatever choice you make. If a repair is feasible, we will make sure this is appropriately completed and practically; alternatively, if replacement is required, we can provide fully certified installations with impeccable solutions that meet the highest standards at affordable prices.

No job is too small or large for the House Specialists here at Super Sash Windows, so trust us when deciding how best to care for your sash window system! Read more information about repairing versus replacing these popular window types to decide what suits your property’s requirements.

Repairs vs. Replacements

When considering whether repairing or replacing your sash windows is the best solution, remember a few points.

Firstly, decide on the age of your window frames and box system: old wooden ones are typically more susceptible to damage due to their fragile nature. At the same time, modern UPVC can generally handle more hardship before replacement is necessary. Next, examine rot in the timber – if only limited parts have degraded over time, minor repairs may suffice; however, if much of it has discoloured beyond repair, then complete new windows must be installed instead.

Also, assess any other wear and tear, such as scarf joint looseness and draught sealing issues (which can often last up to 25 years without requiring a change). Investing in suitable quality hardware for hinges or sash cords could save you money in the long run by preventing further displacement or corrosion within existing fixtures. Finally, look into traditional joinery techniques that may need updating for better performance against harsh weather conditions outside – remedies like internal glazing bars can add an extra layer of protection from water leakage etc., making repairs worthwhile in some cases too.

In conclusion, contemplate all existing factors before deciding what type of work is required; this will help you arrive at an affordable yet effective solution for your window system’s needs!

The bottom line is that you must weigh the pros and cons of repair and replacement regarding sash windows. Repairing existing sash windows may be affordable, while replacements can often provide superior performance in many areas. You will need to consider factors such as the age of your window frames, rot damage, degree of wear and tear, hardware quality, weather-resistance upgrades (like glazing bars) and more. Ultimately, Super Sash Windows has decades of experience with repair and replacements for all sorts of historic window types across London, so trust our experts here at Super Sash Windows for an intelligent decision when deciding how best to care for your beloved home’s window system!

Gregg Richards

Gregg Richards

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