What is draught-proofing, and How Can It Improve Your Home?


At Super Sash Windows, we are passionate about helping homeowners in the UK improve their windows and create more comfortable homes. Today, we want to discuss a great way to take your home-improvement project one step further: draught-proofing! This blog post will discuss draught-proofing and how it can benefit your home or building. We invite you to read more about this beneficial process and why it might be worth considering for your property.

What is Draught-Proofing?

Draught-proofing involves assessing existing sash windows or doors and making changes to improve their performance. It usually begins with an assessment of the windows or doors of your property to check for air leakage – that is, areas where cold air can enter or warm air escape. After identifying potential sources of draughts, modifications are made to form a more effective barrier against heat loss.

Super Sash Windows only uses products that meet industry regulations and heritage standards when carrying out draught-proofing installations on our client’s properties. This ensures increased comfort levels for the building while preserving its architectural integrity and character. We understand the importance of traditional buildings in our country’s history, culture and future – this is why leading experts have trained all our staff members on how best to carry out deference draught-proofing projects respecting time-honoured practices while still achieving modern results.

How Can Draught-Proofing Improve Your Home?

Having an adequately draft-proofed home means improved comfort throughout your property due to significantly decreased heat loss from gaps around your windows and doors – meaning less money spent on energy bills as well! It will also reduce external noise entering your home thanks to its sound insulation capabilities; it is crucial nowadays when many homes are located close together in built-up urban areas such as London and beyond!

By investing in quality products from Super Sash Windows for their window renovation project, homeowners can be sure that their building remains authentic looking but with more efficient functioning elements adding aesthetically and thermally essential value for 21st-century living!

Gregg Richards

Gregg Richards

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