Who Invented the Classic Casement Window and Why?


The invention of the classic casement window dates back to 1670 when a German blacksmith and inventor Johann Strutt created a type of sash window with four “stiles” (the vertical members in between panes). The device consisted of counter-balanced weights, which, combined with ingenious design features, enabled it to open inwards or outwards.

This same concept is still used in many different types, including sliding windows or regular hinges that allow them to swing from one side to another. As mentioned earlier, security was an essential factor in its design, giving it an aesthetically pleasing visual appeal. From this point on, sash windows became increasingly popular, becoming fixtures within homes across Britain throughout the 19th century – not just because they looked fantastic but also due to superior functionality compared to other types at that time!

Increased airflow within homes and improved visibility

Strutt’s window allowed for increased airflow within homes and improved visibility – a particularly desirable feature during an era when the primary source of light was through the sun. In addition, this innovation offered much-needed comfort compared to more primitive windows from earlier centuries, thus becoming an iconic design that many are still familiar with today.

In conclusion, the classic sash window has had a long and enduring history. Developed in 1670 by Johann Strutt, this invention revolutionised the way we regulate airflow within our homes and opened up many possibilities for improved visibility. As one of the oldest surviving forms of window hardware, it has stood the test of time – a testament to its brilliant design and functionality.

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