Winter Energy Savings Tips for Your Sash Windows


Keeping your home warm and energy efficient can be challenging as cold winter temperatures approach. At Super Sash Windows, we understand how important it is to find ways to make sure your sash windows keep your home warm without driving up expensive heating bills.

In this blog post, we will explore several simple tips you can use to take advantage of the natural insulation that sash windows provide to reduce heat loss and maximize energy efficiency during winter months. We’ll look at the most effective ways to insulate your sash windows with draught-proofing materials and other methods of creating an extra insulation layer between indoors and out. By following our winter energy-efficient tips, you can stay warm while saving money on high heating costs this season.

Winter Energy-Efficient Tips for Your Sash Windows

Sash windows are a beautiful addition to any home and provide a unique, classic feel that no other window style can. But when winter comes around and temperatures begin to drop, it’s essential for you to start thinking about how you can maximize energy efficiency in your sash windows – or risk watching your energy bills rise.

At Super Sash Windows, we understand the nuances of maintaining proper insulation in sash windows so that your home remains comfortable during winter and beyond. Here, we’ve compiled some of our most effective tips on keeping the heat in and reducing heat loss through your sash windows this season.


The first step towards ensuring your home is comfortable during cold weather is to ensure that all the gaps around your sash window are adequately sealed. Achieving complete airtightness isn’t always easy, but with the right materials and techniques, it can be done effectively:

– Replace old seals or strips if necessary – over time, these may have become worn down or cracked, resulting in air leakage
– Invest in draught-proofing kits that fit snugly against the bottom of each window frame
– Cover gaps between different panes of glass with an insulating film or adhesive tape
– Fit additional rubber seals at points where two frames meet to block out cold air

By following these steps correctly, you should be able to prevent unwanted drafts from entering through any cracks or crevices around your sash window.

Installing Secondary Glazing

Adding secondary glazing to your sash window is another great way of improving its thermal performance. It involves installing another layer of glass on top of the existing one, which allows light into the room while trapping warm air inside via a closed chamber effect – meaning less heat escapes through cool walls surrounding them (mostly due to single pane glazing). As well as being a more affordable alternative than replacing windows entirely, secondary glazing also helps reduce noise levels coming from outside. Highly recommended by industry experts like English Heritage, secondary glazing can be installed either internally or externally depending on what type you opt for – both solutions provide an extra layer of insulation for maximum comfort indoors.

Using Window Coverings

Closing shutters or drawing curtains every evening when temperatures decrease will add an extra barrier between indoors and outdoors, keeping warm air trapped inside during Winter evenings – especially if they’re lined with heavy material such as velvet or faux fur fabric! Not only will this further aid in reducing heat loss, but it also emphasises privacy levels too by completely blocking off any street views from outside passersby looking inside homes at night time. Alongside this – make sure curtains fall close enough against floor boards without leaving large-small gaps underneath as cold draughts coming up through there would again result in warmed indoor air making their way back outdoors!

With some careful attention, as detailed above – you’ll be able to get far greater use out of those gorgeous sash windows whilst ensuring maximum warmth & comfort indoors throughout the Winter months too!

Thank You for Reading!

We hope you’ve found our winter energy-efficient tips helpful and are now better equipped to ensure your sash windows perform at their optimal level this season.

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Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for the latest news on sash windows and home improvements – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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